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  • 旗下品牌

    Commays(康美森)是新西兰健康生活集团旗下新西兰高端保健品品牌,提供一些列健康营养保健食品等,1992年,根据联合创始人Pete Harrison博士的预期,她利用医学和自然的传统,在营养和医学科学最新证据的支持下,精心研发每个配方,···

    387 2021/09/03
  • 品牌介绍

     莱思凯尔是美国美凯尔生物科技集团旗下益生菌品牌,提供一些列专注人体微生态健康的益生菌等产品。美凯尔生物科技集团旗下品牌有:nature's gaea  、mistyhill、uskena等国际知名品牌。&nbs···

    340 2021/09/02
  • Antibiotics come out of two extremes Expert: teach you to identify the correct use

     Common cold antibiotics are powerlessThe common cold that our parents often say is mainly the common cold. The com···

    394 2021/09/02
  • Spring infants must guard against four types of diseases

     The climate in spring is changeable, pathogenic microorganisms and viruses are also active, and infants with relat···

    291 2021/09/02