Compound nutritional supplements do not exceed the long-term use, no safety risks

2021/09/02 14:33 Views:298

 A compound nutritional supplement is a combination of dozens of vitamins/minerals that are added together. Taking a compound nutritional supplement daily can make many micronutrients reach the recommended intake level and reduce the risk of micronutrient deficiency, which is an effective way to maintain the normal metabolism and physiological functions of the body.


It is safe to take it for a long time. Recently, Tufts University of the United States has convened 14 top experts in the field of nutrition and health research, using the improved Delphi evidence-based medicine method, and released a "Expert Consensus on the Use of Compound Nutritional Supplements" (hereinafter referred to as " consensus"). As mentioned in the Consensus, as long as you do not overdo the compound nutritional supplements, for healthy adults, even if taken for a long time, there is no harm to the body. However, when eating a compound nutritional supplement, be sure to consult a qualified dietitian to determine the optimal daily dose and number of doses based on your physical condition.

Two types of people need to eat a compound nutritional supplement. The Consensus mentions that the following two types of people should take appropriate compound supplements: one is the lack of micronutrients, or the healthy population with relatively high micronutrient demand, such as pregnant women, nursing mothers, children, the elderly, etc. People who suffer from nutritional deficiencies due to chronic diseases, such as postmenopausal women and type 2 diabetes, can be prevented and treated through dietary management or taking a combination of nutritional supplements.