Health: What kind of nutrition does pregnant women add? do you know?

2021/09/02 14:33 Views:258

 Modern mommy, life is very busy, often three meals as a foreigner, so the diet is easy to be uneven, nutrients may be insufficient, which nutrient should be supplemented during pregnancy? What is the role of nutritional supplements? Let's learn together!


The first pregnancy (first month of pregnancy) The hardest part of the first pregnancy, in addition to morning sickness, is to conceal the news of their pregnancy. I really want to tell the good news to the world, but I can’t say it. I have to prevent unsuspecting people from accidentally hitting the seeds or pouring your wine. It’s really tormenting! What nutrients need to be added during the first pregnancy?

1. Folic acid: Also known as vitamin B9, according to American empirical studies, adequate folic acid intake during pregnancy can reduce the incidence of congenital neural tube defects in 50-70% fetal brain and spinal cord. According to the National Dietary Nutrient Reference Intake (DRIS) recommendation, pregnant women are prepared to take 600 micrograms of folic acid daily for one's own needs from the fetus from one month before conception to three months before pregnancy.

Why do you recommend folic acid to start taking when you are pregnant? Because the baby is rapidly developing brain nerve cells within four weeks of conception, it is needed to make brain nerve cells. But when the expectant mother finds out that she is pregnant, she has already missed the best opportunity to supplement it! Therefore, it is recommended to start eating after preparing for pregnancy.

The fetus at this time, because the bone development requires a lot of calcium, if the mother's calcium intake is insufficient, the calcium in the mother's blood and bones will be used first for the fetus! If the mother lacks it, it may cause cramps. It is recommended that pregnant mommy consume 1,000 to 1,500 mg of calcium per day, up to 2,500 mg. It is best to spend an hour and a half or an hour every day, go outside to sun and take a walk to produce the vitamin D needed by the body. Vitamin D can promote the absorption of calcium. I feel that going out and walking also has the effect of not increasing the weight during pregnancy, or preventing constipation and hemorrhoids!

However, there are many reasons for cramps. In addition to calcium and magnesium deficiency, weight gain during pregnancy causes excessive load on the lower limbs, slower blood flow in the legs, and poor warmth in the legs, which may cause cramps. Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant mommy can bathe with warm water and feet, massage, and wear long pants and stockings before going to sleep to prevent cramps in the middle of the night.