Spring infants must guard against four types of diseases

2021/09/02 14:33 Views:332

 The climate in spring is changeable, pathogenic microorganisms and viruses are also active, and infants with relatively low immunity are prone to illness. Pediatric experts remind that infants and young children should prevent four diseases.



When winter comes to spring, all things recover, and the functions of the children's body systems are in a disordered state. Once they are cold, overeating, overworked or panicked, their body resistance is reduced and they are prone to colds. To prevent colds, the key is to strengthen the adaptability of the body and respiratory tract, adhere to outdoor activities, and often open windows and ventilation.

Anti-infectious disease

As the climate warms, infectious diseases such as flu, measles, sputum, scarlet fever, and rubella will likely become prevalent. In the epidemic season of infectious diseases, the baby's clothes and bedding must be washed and diligently kept; keep the indoor air flowing and fresh, and try not to bring the children to public places. In the high season of epidemics, once you have found symptoms such as fever, sore throat, headache, skin bleeding, you must see a doctor immediately.


In spring, some baby's face and erythema often appear around the eyes, with fine sugary scales on it, called simple pityriasis. Its onset may be related to windy dryness in the spring or long-term sun exposure, and some children are caused by indigestion and vitamin deficiency. Should be treated according to the cause, avoid wind and sun, eat more vegetables, fruits, carrots.


Spring flowers bloom, many plants will emit odor or pollen, etc. These sensitizing substances can enter the human body with breathing, which can lead to allergic reactions. It can cause symptoms of allergic rhinitis such as nasal itching, runny nose, sneezing, and nasal cold. In severe cases, asthma, shortness of breath, and cyanosis can occur. Therefore, children with a history of allergies must not "small flowers and provoke grass", go out to home to wash their hands and wash their face, in case of allergies, should promptly see a doctor.